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  • Performance and reward taxation

Performance and reward taxation


There is currently a lot of competition in the employee market among employers who are trying to acquire new talented employees and retain their key employees. The area that employers can use for these purposes is the area of ​​non-monetary benefits. At the same time, their scope is very wide and new types of benefits are constantly emerging.

At the same time, their tax-contribution regime also plays a key role in employee benefits. With the appropriate setting of employee benefits, it is possible to significantly eliminate their tax-tax burden and thus reduce the employer's costs without reducing the net salary of employees. Over-limit gastro tickets, company cars, gifts and season tickets, teambuilding, accommodation and transport of employees or various Cafeteria schemes, the tax settings can be optimized everywhere with the right settings. At the same time, however, it is necessary for the employer to comply with current legislation with common but also "less standard" types of benefits, such as employee share plans, bicycles for employees or, for example, remuneration in the form of cryptocurrencies.


Our experts will advise you on the tax-levy regime of your current benefit scheme, or how it can be optimized in terms of taxes and levies.