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  • Corporate Tax Compliance

Corporate Tax Compliance

Our tax experts can provide you with professional tax services covering from the verification of the tax calculation to the competition of tax return of the corporate income tax (CIT).


Services may include areas such as verification of CIT calculation, verification of completed CIT return, but also calculation and elaboration of CIT calculation and CIT return, calculation of income tax advances, preparation of payment instructions for tax payment, electronic filing of CIT return but also calculation of deferred tax.

In this area, our experts help you meet all legal obligations and requirements, alert you to identified disputes, review and inform you of your company's overall tax position and summarize areas that could represent potential tax risks or lead to potential tax savings in the future or the possibility of legal tax optimization.

We will use our years of expertise and experience to ensure a professional level and efficiency that will save your company not only time but also human resources that you can devote to your business.

We are aware that each client has different needs and therefore the scope of work is prepared for each company by mutual agreement.