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  • Indirect taxation

Indirect taxation


As governments around the world look to raise additional revenues to plug shortfalls, many governments have shifted away from corporate, income, and payroll taxes. Instead, they’re raising revenue through ‘indirect taxes’, such as value added tax (VAT), goods and services tax (GST), sales and local taxes, customs and excise duties, and so on. Proof of this trend can be seen with the introduction of GST in Malaysia in 2015, as well as the planned introduction of GST in India in 2017 and VAT in the Gulf States.

The introduction of new indirect tax regimes and changes to existing regimes can create significant challenges for most business. Though certain indirect taxes are not a bottom line cost for many clients, the compliance requirements can be complex and there can be an impact on cash flow.

All commercial transactions have indirect tax implications. Our experts work with our clients to navigate this complex and wide ranging area. We provide the following indirect taxation services:

Our services within VAT compliance consist of:

  • preparation of VAT report on monthly or quarterly basis
  • preparation of Intrastat report on monthly basis
  • submission of VAT reports to the Slovak Tax Authority

VAT advisory services include:

  • assesment of the VAT treatment applicable to domestic or cross-borders transactions,
  • services for all ongoing VAT queries of daily business, 
  • drafting requests for an individual tax rulling,
  • representation in front of tax authorities during VAT audits
  • assistance with VAT refunds

Detailed review of transactions performed VAT – simulated VAT audit from risk management perspective.