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  • Digital Transformation

Digital transformation

By now, most companies understand that digital transformation will drive a more profitable future: better customer experience, streamlined business processes, more secure data, shorter time-to-market and a business that operates more productively in every way. The question is how to reach that future potential where you reap the benefits of a digital transformation solution within the realities of the current fiscal year. Can digital transformation strategies be accomplished without disrupting ongoing operations?

BDO will help you develop and execute practical, financially responsible digital transformation strategies. Our team is comprised of both experienced industry specialists and hands-on digital architects who work collaboratively with clients to map out a series of incremental advancements set against a digital business transformational vision of a more efficient, competitive enterprise.

Our services in the field of digital transformation include: 

Industry 4.0. Robotization. Automation. How to approach them correctly? Are all areas suitable for a transformation?
Process automation using robots (RPA) can dramatically streamline and speed up selected business processes, from automatically downloading attachments, through processing of invoices and reports to onboarding of new employees. Our team of consultants will help you find a suitable area for automation or robotization, and with the subsequent implementation and evaluation of efficiency. We partner with leading suppliers of robotic platforms and are therefore able to help you set up the target process and actually implement it into your IT environment.

We are focusing on services that support businesses operating in the blockchain/crypto space. Our team consists of representatives from each service line (Audit/forensics, tax, accounting, legal, advisory etc.).

Our experts will help you with:

  • Data gathering, cleaning and standardization
  • To be and GAP analysis
  • Reporting setup

The KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) verification is currently a very complex and lengthy process that companies providing services to their clients have to undergo by law. The complete KYC / AML processing agenda is provided by selected employees. They communicate with clients, obtain information from them and then process and store these information in accordance with legal obligations through questionnaires. Employees therefore spend considerable amount of time by repeating activities and completing selected questionnaires.

KYC and AML process automation thus represents a revolutionary solution for companies, which can save costs associated with the manual execution of these processes. At BDO, we are developing a unique product (application) that will provide digital data processing within KYC / AML verification.

The KYC / AML solution aims to automate those parts of employees' activities that they perform repeatedly, frequently, and take up a considerable amount of time. Relieving repetitive activities will create the capacity to engage in other activities.

The target state presupposes the creation of an information system / application, which on the one hand ensures automated data collection from clients (individuals and legal entities) so that employees do not have to obtain this data, then verifies this data through selected databases in order to meet AML legal obligations and ensure the transformation and automation of uploading this data to the questionnaires and subsequently to the CRM system.