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Kyiv rysing

22 February 2023

When Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, it was the time when Western countries expressed deep concern, however active support of the country in terms of weapon supply and funding was put on hold.

This made the team of Kyiv Strategy Consulting (KSC), a Ukraine-based member of BDO family, realise that the image of the country might have been affected by the years of Russian propaganda, so it was extremely important to change the perception of Ukraine globally with the most convincing argument — the TRUTH, FACTS and FIGURES. The team got an urge to act, but the only weapon they could employ back then to defend their Homeland was their intellect, consulting expertise and strong motivation to work day and night to bring the peace home back. This is how the idea of KYIV RYSING was born, a pro-bono project developed by Ukrainian people in the name of Ukraine.




The Kyiv Consulting team is already working on the consulting methodology “R(Y)SE – Rapid Y Solution Environment” for overcoming difficult recovery challenges in Ukraine. Dealing with issues and challenges is a necessary element of rebuilding Ukraine. However, bringing together important decision-makers from various domains such as military, society, ecology, and economy and this mixed by Ukrainians and internationals subject matter experts to find answers for rebuilding Ukraine might result in big challenges and might take months or even years. Moreover, organizational, and cultural conflicts can make it difficult for Ukrainian and international stakeholders and shareholder to commit to and manage change quickly.



KYIV RYSING is not a random book addressing the nine centuries-old history and tragic present of Ukraine. It  is a huge research project, developed by more than 140 KSC’s management consultants in collaboration with 60+ subject-matter experts from Ukraine and abroad, representing Political, Economic, Social and Environmental domains, which is aimed at:

  • providing a deep dive into Ukraine’s business environment,
  • pitching Ukraine’s investor attractiveness,
  • shedding light on Ukraine’s potential and must-win opportunities it harbours,
  • and addressing global implications of the Ukrainian crisis, brought by the war.

KYIV RYSING is the voice of KCS and the people of Ukraine addressed to international donors, foreign investors, politicians, journalists and businesspeople. It is a call for action to start reconsidering Ukraine as a country with endless business potential, which is however conditional to the support of the Western Allies, as Ukraine needs to win the war first.


Being part of the BDO family, Kyiv Consulting has launched KYIV RYSING internationally on October 14th, 2022. With more than 140.000 downloaded books till today, the project is the only bestseller book from Ukraine in 2022 and is also the first bestseller book of the BDO family. Something really to be proud of at BDO we think. 


KYIV RYSING is rich in factual data on the history of Ukraine, key prerequisites, and implications of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, valuable insights from prominent Ukrainians and foreign experts, as well as unique management consulting PoV on the New Age Ukraine pitching business opportunities and investor potential of the country.

Here you can find this amazing book that will become part of history