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Cyber Security Month

01 October 2021

Original content provided by BDO Malta


2020 was the year of COVID-19, but unfortunately it was also a year of increased cyber attacks. As workers shifted to tele/home work, so too did the threats.


The question therefore is not if an organisation will be attacked, but rather when that will happen. Alas, criminal organisations are evolving quicker than most companies do, resulting in blind spots and increased risk.


This is why the central theme of BDO’s Cyber Security Month is: ‘Find your blind spot’.

Throughout the month of October, a number of our Centres of Excellence will be hosting a variety of webinars, addressing distinct cyber security aspects.  The full programme is available below and the webinars are open to anyone with an interest in cybersecurity. 


7 October: Governance & cyber security: What Directors need to know


The fundamentals of cyber security, incl. common terminology, governance & Directors Responsibilities 


14 October: Common threats & vulnerabilities


Identifying the steps to take in diagnosing cyber vulnerability, incl. identification, assessment & understanding of risks


19 October: Vulnerability Management - Identify, Prioritise & Protect


How can we proactively find blind spots and fix potential weaknesses in the organisation's network security. As cyber security does not only apply to the URL of a company, it is imperative for any organisation to implement an effective Vulnerability Management to safeguard against attacks and threats in the environment.


20 October: The increased need for remote CISO services

Learn the benefits of advanced digital CISO service, gap analysis and awareness platforms that provide a strategic direction for organisations and reduce IT and cyber security spend, especially for small and medium size organisations


21 October: Protecting your organisation


Explaining core issues, why they matter and how to they are actively managed.   


25 October: Manufacturing Industry: Protecting against insider risk threats


The critical manufacturing sector reports the highest number of cyber attacks on industrial control systems.  What can you do to protect yourself?  


26 October: How to defend from insider risk cyberthreats in the financial service industry


Financial organisations are prime targets for malicious cyber attacks.  However, it's not the only threat they face;  Not a day passes without services employees putting data at risk through increasing insider threats.      


26 October: From IR (Incident Response) to MDR (Managed Detection & Response)


In today's world, organisations must be prepared to handle high volume cyber attacks.  MDR brings managed detection and response capabilities as a service, enabling to uncover the most sophisticated and pervasive attacks.           


28 October: OT Network visibility


Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity has become instrumental for protecting networks, control systems and critical infra-structures from cyber attacks.          


28 October: Incident Response


It is not a question of if, but when - investigate how the impact of a cyber incident depends on how an organisation responds both publicly and privately.


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