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  • Cybersecurity services

Cybersecurity services



Building your company’s cyber resilience through Cybergate


We look at cybersecurity through business lens.


Cyber resilience means that an entity can continuously deliver business operations with limited or no degradation of services, despite cyber-attacks.

  • Cybersecurity threat is not just another business threat. Cyber as such is an enabler of faster growth, providing a competitive edge and higher profits.
  • The ability to compete means providing the best technologies, regardless of which domain the company works. Therefore, managing cyber as a risk brings the company an immense added value to distinguish itself from its competitors. 



Our services

We focus on services that will provide you with a detailed overview of the current state of the cyber infrastructure in your company, subsequently we prepare a strategic plan to mitigate potential risks, whereby increasing the cyber resistance of your business.

Cyber ​​security is not only about risk management, it is primarily a strategic approach that shapes the efficiency of the company, brings product competitiveness and, above all, deepens trust and relationships with customers.


Our service – Cybergate – was developed with the purpose of

  • anticipating possible threats and minimizing their impact on your business,
  • building a faster and more coordinated response to possible attacks
  • continuous integration of cyber elements into every aspect of your business, so that you not only protect yourself but also profit


Know your gaps and adopt a strategy that will differentiate you from the competition and provide a layer of protection necessary for the future functioning of your business.


We present three steps to start your irreversible investment in the future of your business through cyber security:

With our technical team, we will analyze the current state of your company. We take the state of your cyber security holistically and therefore evaluate the management of security networks and information systems, management of operations and access across processes, people and technologies.

Through a series of technical testing, we will review the security of systems as well as intrusions and the subsequent impact on your operations. However, instead of relying solely on checklists to quantify cyber risk, we specifically analyze your individual risk tolerance in the context of business strategy. It is here that we combine our technological know-how with a strong focus on business and its continuity.

We will prepare a multidisciplinary response to a cyber-attack for you, including procedures for business operations, corporate communications, media affairs, public relations, law, marketing, law enforcement and information technology. A manual will be tailored for your company containing various scenarios for better management of the company in terms of cyber security and impact mitigation.


Cyber security infrastructure evolves from these three essential points

We provide a coordinated, operational and technical approach that guarantees you the triad known as "CIA" (confidentiality, integrity, accessibility)



  1. Cyber ​​risk assessment
  2. Vulnerability assessment
  3. Technical vulnerability
  4. Detection of cyber security incidents
  5. Monitoring, security testing
  6. Checking possible security errors in the code
  7. Control of equipment configuration against standards



  1. Identification of the current state of the enterprise
  2. Evaluation of individual risk tolerance
  3. Risk mitigation plan
  4. Predicting future threats
  5. Design of a solution for detection
  6. Records and reporting
  7. Strategic, customized plan how to manage cybernetics in your business



  1. Compliance with regulatory standards (ISO/SOC2), preparation for certification audit
  2. Zero trust implementation
  3. Education, training and consultation



Our goal is to support your portfolio of capabilities and accelerate your maturity, whether your priorities are initiative-taking security or proactive incident response and anticipation.