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  • Despite the crisis, BDO is investing in the future

Despite the crisis, BDO is investing in the future

03 November 2020

Despite the corona crisis BDO invests in further growth and new promising areas. After the office in Žilina, it also opens its office in Košice. BDO sees innovation potential in the eastern region, which he wants to make full use of.

It is advancing at a time when the world has almost stopped

Although most companies are trying to survive the current crisis in a corner, BDO 's strategy is quite the opposite. The measures introduced have forced companies to reshape their day-to-day operations and adapt to new conditions. BDO did not just want to adapt to the new normal. The company has decided to move forward and not slow down in its innovative and expansionary appetite.

The change of the premises in Bratislava and the opening of a new office in Žilina intertwined with the days when the question "how to survive the crisis" resonated on the market. BDO did not wait, seized the opportunity and went even further. The result is the opening of a new office in eastern Slovakia.

"We are an innovative company and we stick to this idea in every step. We believe that only unique thinking leads to emerging from the negative situation that the world is currently facing, "says Peter Gunda, the managing partner of the company. At the same time, he adds that the Košice office represents for BDO, above all, a new potential for access to young, innovative "brains" and is certainly not the final stop on the path of society's development.

Friendly and responsible

BDO has long strived to approach its clients through open communication, straightforward solutions and open access. This time BDO also overcomes physical distance. With current and potential clients who are located primarily on the east of Slovakia, the company will be closer, than ever before. At the same time, the company supports the value of environmental sustainability by releasing several hours of travel in need of personal participation. 

Premises in Košice

The choice of space corresponds to the high standard of the company. " We believe that in the new premises of BDO, Duett Business Residence in the centre of Košice, you will always feel comfortable. We would like to welcome you here, "adds Michal Dutko, manager of the Košice office of BDO. 

BDO doesn't stop

Courage, foresight and quality professional services have become the hull of the company's ship in the waves of the corona crisis. The company's activities represent the association of the word innovation and in this spirit BDO also leads its decisions. The world is constantly changing and so must we - BDO is growing. For us, this is the only possible way to emerge stronger than ever before from the current crisis.