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Audit in Action - BDO auditors as winners of the Corona Challenge

24 September 2020

When the COVID-19 crisis began to threaten the economy, auditors and accountants answered the call and continued their commitment to providing high-quality financial information and stability to capital markets. They continued to serve as a key link in the financial reporting ecosystem, with focusing on maintaining high audit quality.

Thanks to the rapid adaptation of our auditors to the new normal, the quality of services provided has not changed. On the contrary, we have joined forces and did something extra. We have started to provide free assistance through our platform to help companies most affected by the crisis.

Peter Kaniak, manager of BDO Slovakia in the audit department, described the situation as follows:

The COVID-19 crisis in the mid of March ceased the social life and business in Slovakia. Auditors finalizing the busy season had to stay at home, our day-to-day lives completely changed. But we were ready…

We have had data rooms to exchange files with clients, communication channels to stay in touch with peers, remote server access to make data available and particularly enthusiastic staff prepared to deal with such exceptional situation. Overnight we have become consultants navigating clients through new regulations and various measures introduced by government and besides that have helped small businesses with pro-bono initiatives. Despite of physical distance we have been closer to our clients and colleagues than ever before.

The world we knew will change. It is up to us to implement the best of lessons learned during the COVID-19 crisis into “new normal”.

We are very grateful to our auditors for an excellent job in these challenging times. They perfectly represent the idea: People helping people. And that's who we are.